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Lunch and Chat Seminar 2

  • threeOclock Gallery Upper Level, Southgate Southbank, Vic Australia (map)

Girls are taught to protect themselves when out in public but who is really responsible for keeping us safe?

From a young age, girls are taught not to go out alone at night, not to draw unwanted attention to themselves, to carry keys in their hands in case they need to fight off an attacker.

Then, in tragic instances where girls and women are harmed, journalists and officials often focus on whether they contributed to their situation by being intoxicated or being out alone in public places like parks.

 So, how responsible are girls for keeping themselves safe? What role do our attitudes towards girls play in their perception of safety and their ability to engage in public life? Do Australian girls have it easier than girls overseas?

Join child and gender rights experts from Plan International Australia to explore these questions and more.

Free Talk: with BYO Lunch Box
$15.00: with Tiffin Lunch Box

Eventbrite - Lunch & Chat Seminar 2: Whose responsible for keeping us safe?

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